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■Photograph of "Wakayama Castle" in Japan"
Wakayama Castle

Hideyoshi Toyotomi orderd his brother,Hidetaka Toyotomi to construct Wakayama Castle in 1585. As Hidetaka Left Wakayama City and never returned, he never saw the completed castle. In 1586 Shigemaru Kuwayama,a retainer of Hideyoshi Toyotomi arrived in Wakayama,with 30000 goku of rice,toreside in the castle. He lived in Wakayama castle for 14 years during which time he fortified the actual castle to make it the center of the compound.

After the Battle of Sekigahara,Yoshinaga Asano arrived in Wakayama with 376000 goku of rice and took up residence in Wakayama Castle as castle lord. During his 19 year residence , he further developed the castle grounds, most notably the Ichinohashi bridge.

After Asano`s departure from Wakayama in 1619, Ieyasu Tokunaga dispatched his 10th son, Yoshinobu, to Wakayama City with 555000 goku of rice Under Yorinobu`s command, Wakayama Castle became the Tokunaga bakufu`s most important Western Fortress. Yorinobu provided financial support to ensure the maintenance and further development of the castle compound and the surrounding castle town. The implementation of this policy for 250 years provided a solid base for continued prosperity in Wakayama in Wakayama City.

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