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Wakayama Marina City Japan
Wakayama is located in west part of Japan. It is about 50km south of OSAKA and 400km west of TOKYO. Wakayama is famous for historic site, hot springs and also food.

Wakayama Marina City is an artificial island in the Wakayama Bay. On this island are a number of international marinas as well as theme park, hotel, spa, fisherman's wharf, and fishing park. Indeed, various types of fun can be experienced here.


Name:Wakayama Marina City
Japanese Pronunciation:Wakayama marina city
Address:1527, Kemi, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama-ken
Phone Number: 073-448-0011
Access: 15 minutes by bus from Kainan Station on the JR Line; 30 minutes by bu from Wakayama Station on the JR and Wakayama Electric Railway Lines; 30 minutes by bus from Wakayamashi Station on the JR and Nankai Electric Railway Lines.


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