Photograph of Japanese scenery.


It is a site for a tourist and a person of studying abroad.
Have Fun with Photograph of Japanese Scenery.


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■Welcome to Flowersentence

Welcome to "Flowersentence" website.

This website is gallery of Japanese Scenery for non Japanese.
You can download desktop wallpaper of Japanese scenery for free.
Please click "16001200 12801024 1024768 ...and so on"
if you want desktop wallpaper.
And also please use it as material that make your website.

It is my pleasure if you can select the wallpaper on the map like travel to Japan.

Have fun Flowersentence.

Desktop Wallpaper which you can download has not been conpressed
because anybody can customize desktop easily.Wait a moment.
Link free.Please tell me your website if you can.

Please Don't carry any contents other place without permission.

■My name is Englishrecord.

My hometown: Osaka Japan


Nikon D70
Casio EX-Z600
P902i (mobile phone)

Adobe Photoshop ,Dreamweaver and Flash.

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